Tahor In The News

A Revolution For Jewish Women: Technology Meets Halacha

Posted on Jan 27,2019

Rabbi Fishel Jacobs of Kfar Chabad in Israel believes the Jewish world is experiencing a “family purity revolution.” He should know. Since 1998, Rabbi Jacobs has…

The More Things Change…The More They Stay The Same

Posted on Jan 09,2018

The More Things Change…The More They Stay The Same By: Janis Roszler, LMFT, RD, CDE, LD/N, FAND   The More Things Change…   The new Tahor app recently appeared on…

Finally…an app that respects ME

Posted on Dec 26,2017

FINALLY…AN APP THAT RESPECTS ME By: Lily Rosenblatt, LMFT   Oh how I remember with distress and trepidation those days behind me when I would tell my husband, “I Niddah…

My Reaction to Tahor

Posted on Nov 30,2017

  By: Debbie Akerman, LMSW – PhD candidate   I grew up in Middle America, the Midwest to be exact, and although culturally very Jewish- holidays, food, even education and…

MIT Grad Brings Mikve Observance Into the Age of Technology

Posted on Jun 22,2017

Two casual conversations with guests at the family Shabbat table shaped the last 12 years of Rivkah Bloom’s life. It started in 2005, with a Shabbat guest who, at 37, was…

Bringing Technology to Tradition

Posted on Jun 19,2017

Technology has caught up with Torah on many levels, but for the first time ever, it has also reached the field of family purity. A new app has been developed…

New ‘Tahor’ App Aims to Digitize Bedikah Inquiries

Posted on Jun 08,2017

For the first time in history, women can anonymously send pictures of their Bedikah cloths to their Rabbi with a new app’s  technology. The App allows users to Anonymously send pictures of…

Kallah Educator Speaks Out Regarding ‘Tahor’ App

Posted on May 16,2017

Rebbitzin Tzippy Weiss, Shlucha to Miami Lakes, FL, and a renowned Kallah educator, lent her voice to the brewing controversy involving the recently-launched ‘Tahor’ app, which allows women to submit…

When Technology Enters The Orthodox Bedroom

Posted on May 16,2017

Unless you’re living under a rock – or, in today’s zeitgeist, you don’t have wifi – you’ve probably heard of this new app on the market, Tahor, that allows women…

Debate Roils Over Orthodox Menstruation App

Posted on May 11,2017

Developers hope app will spare women embarrassment by allowing them to send pics of purity cloths anonymously.