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Keeping Your Privacy

Rabbinically Approved! Anonymously send pictures of your Taharas Hamishpacha questions to a Rav right from your own home. Receive answers quickly and privately. Download Tahor App For Free!

How the Tahor App Works

Choose your Rabbi.
Answer a few questions anonymously.
Take a picture.
Press “Send.”
Receive a halachically reliable answer from a Rav you trust. Simple.

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Tahor App Offers A Wide Range Of Features

Discreetly, conveniently and anonymously send pictures of Bedikah questions to a Taharat Hamishpacha Expert
and receive an answer within a short period of time

Picture Perfect

Using our advanced, Rabbi-approved photo technology, you can get your bedika questions answered privately and anonymously.

Rabbi Approved

Tahor App has been tested and approved by multiple Rabbinic authorities. (Check out Haskama page and Our Rabbis page for more information.)

Easy To Use

Tahor App guides you through submitting your question, and then all you need to do is wait for your answer!

Pure & Simple

Tahor App gives women the ability to keep the mitzvah of Taharat Hamishpacha in a discreet way that respects their privacy.

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Tahor App is committed to providing you with a pure and simple experience. We’d love to hear your feedback. Please contact us below and one of our dedicated staff will respond shortly.

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