Tahor In The News

When Technology Enters The Orthodox Bedroom

Posted on May 16,2017

Unless you’re living under a rock – or, in today’s zeitgeist, you don’t have wifi – you’ve probably heard of this new app on the market, Tahor, that allows women…

Debate Roils Over Orthodox Menstruation App

Posted on May 11,2017

Developers hope app will spare women embarrassment by allowing them to send pics of purity cloths anonymously.

New App Aims to Bring Privacy to Bedikah Inquiries

Posted on May 10,2017

For the first time in history, women can anonymously send pictures of their Bedikah cloths to their Rabbi with a new app’s Rabbinically approved technology. In a unique combination of tradition and…

Menstruation App Comes Under Fire For ‘Jeopardizing Purity Of Jewish Nation’

Posted on May 10,2017

A new debate is playing out in New York City’s Orthodox community over the halachic status of an online app designed for women who wish to better observe the religious…