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Finally…an app that respects ME

Posted on Dec 26,2017

By: Lily Rosenblatt, LMFT


Oh how I remember with distress and trepidation those days behind me when I would tell my husband, “I Niddah Know” what to do about my niddah question! He would throw me a look of knowing empathy, but knew also that this was out of his hands (in ALL ways) and just between my rabbi and me. One of the few things I’m pretty certain of is that there isn’t a modern woman out there that doesn’t/didn’t dread the thought of wrapping her underwear in a plastic bag and dropping it in the rabbi’s mailbox.


Seeking answers to my halachic questions never poses any discomfort and can often be met with an earnest anticipation for an answer. But the thought of my most personal of garments, with its very private aromas and extremely personal shades and pigmentations reposing alongside correspondence from throughout the world with my rabbi’s name emblazoned throughout, in addition to the fear, Gd Forbid, of the horrible prospect of being spotted by the mail carrier (!) literally gave me panic attacks and raised my blood pressure. Nowhere else in my beloved religion was there ever triggered such a heightened sense of disempowered vulnerability.


And then, years later, there I was as a marriage and family therapist intern, barely out of school, facing my long- ended quandary – again. Sitting before me was a forlorn newlywed who announced to me and her distraught husband of 3 months that she had no intention of ever ‘peeling and plopping’ her underwear in any mailbox again! Needless to say, there was a good deal of therapy that ensued (for all participants)!


Well, it only took 5,000 years and the ingenuity of a different newlywed couple to come up with a ‘pure and simple’ solution. I’m thrilled for my daughters (including the one who married my son) and their daughters that embarrassment and shame need never be associated with the beautiful and uplifting ritual of Niddah again. And on a personal note – that I will never again have to repeat that therapy moment with any other couple!


The Tahor App enables women all over the world to take pictures of a Niddah Question and anonymously send it to a Taharat Hamishpacha Expert. Designed with lighting technology approved by Rabbanim to ensure color accuracy, the Tahor App is ‘pure and simple’ ensuring a fast response and private experience.


Lily Rosenblatt is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She moves her clients (couples, families, individuals and groups) from stuck to strong,  in a brief, compassionate, problem-solving process that emphasizes the respectful collaboration between patient and therapist.

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